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Peter Hoang aka. Dragon Hoang was born in Slovakia and comes from Snina. Is deaf. Music but extremely fun. The home club played 2005 electronic styles of Trance, Psytrance, Psychedelic Trance, House, and Techno). Since 2006 to prepare and train for the mixer, the various programs (such as VirtualDJ and Traktor Pro) are preparing their own dance sets. As a mix in 2006 first discovered the music that he completely dominated. At that time, he especially liked psytrance, techno, and hardtechno. I prefer to play techno and hardtechno. In 2007 he began to DJ. Later he began to play in one of the biggest techno clubs in Kosice. Currently trying to get some experience. After an intense workout first appeared in action in Kosice at the beginning of 2008. From that time to saw him at events taking place in Slovakia. Plays vinyl, CD, and notebook via Traktor Scratch Pro. Created his own style of banging techno and hardtechno. The first was introduced in the Techno opening set. Dragon Hoang played in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, and Others. For a deaf DJ who, as he put it "mixes heard as a DJ I can not but play with love and taste me interested and entertained".Perceive music through vibrations not only mixes but also produces its own work. In 2012 he began producing music, then learned to production software FL Studio and more. He loves electronic music styles such as techno, funky techno, hardgroove, hardtechno and schranz. His tracks were issued to the Techno label Deaf Records.

My artist name is Dragon Hoang (for Hardgroove and Hardtechno) and Dragontek (for Hardtekno and Hardtek and Tribecore) from Slovakia.

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