interview / 25 Oct 23
What's the music scene like in your area?
I'm from Keinbah, near Newcastle NSW in Australia. The scene here is really supportive. I'm not playing with many other electronic acts but we have a pretty strong community of indie artists who all support each other.
How did you get into music/production?
After playing electric bass for ages I started listening to heaps of house music and just went through the process of ripping off daft punk for ages to hone my craft. It wasn't until I heard Flying Lotus's music that I thought I could combine my bass playing with electronics. His production is so organic feeling and the wonkiness of it all really inspired me to experiment with playing the drums "live" on my push and then committing that 'grid' to be the basis of my song.
Tell us about your creative and production process..
I normally start with sound design, either heavily effecting my 6 string bass or getting a vibe going on my Push 2. From there I'll add elements until I think the spectrum is full, or suiting the aesthetic I'm trying to create. It could be vocals, percussion, synths. There's probably 5 layers of bass though.
Once I have a couple of ideas and sections I build my track out by finding core points on the composition and either re-contextualizing them or juxtaposing them.
When mixing/mastering I use a lot of Ableton's stock plugins and Melda's suite, specifically MSpectralDynamics really changed my mixing for the better.
Tell us about your studio setup and favourite gear?
A 6 string Ken Smith bass with a giant pedal board with some modular on it for MS-20 style filtering feeding a Windows 10 Ableton/Max MSP machine. The Push 2 gets used a lot to make Ableton feel like an instrument. I also have a Korg MS-2000 that my girlfriend bought me which is great for SFX in songs or even main parts if you are into that Y2K digital filter sound (shout out Super Monkey Ball soundtrack).
What's your favourite of your own tracks and how did it come about, is there a story behind it?
Your Wish, It's probably the most straightforward tune I've made. Vocals are so sarcastic and snarky over a giant banger house beat.
The whole "Immaterial but Objective" is about suffering from depression & anxiety and Your Wish is such a fun break to it, even though it's about faking being happy to stop people from complaining that you're depressed.
How have you released your music so far?
Indie so far! If a label approached me I'd be willing to hear them out as my PR skills are a bit rubbish.
Which label would you most like to release on?
Warp, or Brainfeeder. I'm not even subtle; I love all of that music so much even if I don't sound like those artists
Who would you love to collaborate with?
Damon Albarn was the reason I started playing bass (thanks Feel Good Inc) so it'd have to be him. Although Autechre would be a very interesting experience, I'd love to just pop over and play bass for 20 minutes while they completely destroy it.
Tell us you how you got into live performance. What were your first performances like?
As a bassist it was playing my high school talent, shows being in the house band and failing to read charts. As Veldar it was a post lockdown 'soloist' gig where I brought 2 hard cases of gear fro my live show. It was very fun, although pretty stressful.
What was your worst performance and what went wrong?
I played a festival recently and was put on the acoustic guitar stage, they didn't have a projector (I run generative visuals) and just weren't setup for electronic music at all. There speakers really couldn't handle all the 30hz...
If you could choose any location/venue in the world to play a gig, where would you perform?
I'd love to play the Opera house in Sydney, as someone who was born in Australia it'd be a very validating experience. Otherwise any of the more interesting festivals like Fuji rock would be a dream for me.
Tell us about your live setup, the gear you choose and how it works.
I bring my studio (it lives in a DJ hardcase) out for all the Veldar shows, Push 2, Fader fox UC4 for live effects a Microsoft surface running touchAble for clip launching. And then I sing and play bass live at the same time. I'm sure you can find at least 1 IDM artist who does the same thing.
How often do you perform and what you see as the future as a performer.
At the start of the year it was once a quarter, now it's 3 times a month. I'd just like more time to polish the whole performance. I improvise constantly and trying to relearn chord changes before ever gig has been a bit difficult to pull off.
Who has inspired you?
Gorillaz, Flying Lotus, Thundercat, Squarepusher, ISIS
Who are you enjoying listening to lately?
Autechre, Ornette Coleman & Piri/Tommy
If you were a food, what food would you be?
A really spicy fried tofu because my music isn't the type that you can passively have on, you'll either love it or hate it.
Random Fact?
Hmmm, I did use a DS as the drum machine on burried? That's a neat fact.
What do you like about Artcore?
It's like Bandcamp, but more electronic and it's not on fire. More seriously, any site that is artist first is one I want to be a part of.