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Behappy is a Solo project born in the south west of england by a crossdressing w****.

The project was started during my early teens, mostly from an attic with a nux multi fx pedal, a looper, some crap keyboard and a microphone. These attempts were short lived due to circumstances. The project was revived a few years later, in an old abandoned m.o.d site, some desolate underground storage facility where I spent much of my time with batteries and the same set up, finally resulting in the recording of Rising Hostility, somewhat of a personal Exorcism (mentally speaking)

Again circumstances were not ideal, however a few noise works were properly made around this time, over a period of time and obsession, guilt trip and memories framed, sheaved with glass.

Another hiatus ensued. However for many years remained as a improvisational live act, based only on youtube, with two noise "experiments" being released, full albums made from video samples - Chemsex murder and Forget Me not.

For the past three years I have found myself for once, stable and able to fully work on the project, it's really my main and only passion, to some extent a necessity. Another experiment, For cathartic Reasons. A fully improvised album was released initially unplugged guitar and phone recordings, touched up in post process. Not a success.

From the Album "A Corpse Paints" onward, the project could be considered started. My personal Cannon goes as follows:

Rising Hostility

A Corpse Paints (Improvised unplugged guitar, phone recordings, screamed no-mic vocals) It's bitter, raw but very honest and very true to what I'd set out to make

Lust For Life (Noise, Sample Based Album based around themes of "Domestic Horror")

Your Lot In Life (Depressing, harsh noise and black metal with shouted vocals and far more composed arrangements)

Then 3 Compilations, 2 under the title "Enforced Homogenization" and one "Broken Dreams) All of which are Noise and black metal, mostly long form Singles.

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