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Ada Kaleh is a musician and composer based in Bucharest, Romania and currently releasing forward thinking aesthetics on legendary labels R&S Records and its ambient division Apollo Records, widely considered as the labels responsible for bringing Techno to Europe. He’s been releasing music for over 20 years under various aliases, but his current focus is on the Ada Kaleh alias, and the more recent persona, Supersanity. His music combines hypnotic rhythms with rich, naturally evolving sounds that invite the listener into a parallel world. Appropriately enough his releases are often inspired by literal and metaphorical trips and mystic experiences. Questioning the linear nature of time, each composition guides the listener though whirling soundscapes, DMT realms and time loops, creating an aural safe space in which to explore. Propelled by a passion for 60’s & 70’s spiritual jazz, afro-beats and other psychedelic inducing textures, Ada Kaleh describes his recent musical endeavours as Quantum Techno. His impact on the underground Romanian and international scene has been structural, inspiring young producers and showing them a more mature, complex and musical side. In his quest to explore eclectic musical alleyways, his upcoming release on R&S Records features on vocals none other than the inventor of Afro-Beats and one of Africa’s most esteemed musicians, Fela Kuti, and a saxophone performance by Eric Leeds of Prince fame.

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